BBB #15: The origins of Ben Eater

In the middle of a discussion that was meant to be about computer networking, we ended up diving into Eater's full career trajectory.  Stenhaug and I (Grant) were so fascinated by this that we decided to just pull that whole section of the discussion out as its own podcast.

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BBB #14: Color
BBB #13: Mindsets
BBB #12: 3Blue1Brown Q&A #2

The second Q&A session for 3blue1brown. We chose the questions that we thought made for the best discussion, which includes whether or not a knack for math is innate, favorite improv games, whether IT will always be an industry approachable to people who are self-taught without degrees, and many more.

Question thread, with many more shorter answers from Grant.

Net neutrality video

Destin's Domino's video

CGPGrey's machine learning video
(and footnote)


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BBB #8: Credentials

What value does a college degree hold?  And to the extent that an elite university degree does provide some special benefit to its holder, is it a value that could hypothetically be made universal, or is it intrinsic to the exclusivity of the degree?

The conversation here revolves around these questions, but not with a few tangents, including how David Labaree actually being a really nice guy and a certain absurd stance on the value of software engineering.

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BBB #6: What's next for Ben Eater?

Ben Eater is nearing the end of his epic series on how to build your own computer from scratch, which raises the natural question, what's next?  This leads to a general discussion about the goals of our content, what we think about while creating, and what makes for a good explanation.

A few things brought up

- Eater's series on building a computer
- Eater's series on networking
- Grant's neural networks videos
- Michael Nielsen Bitcoin article


Next episode we'll be discussing the paper "Public Goods, Private Goods: The American Struggle Over Educational Goals".  Have a look if you'd like to get the most out of the next episode.  Or maybe just glance at the abstract if you're strapped for time.

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BBB #4: Randomness and GTD

As an experiment, after recording episode 3 we decided to simply record a completely unstructured conversation–whatever happened to be on our minds in that moment.  Among other things, this included the finicky nature of podcasts, checklists, Getting Things Done, and improv.

Compare this to episode 3 and leave us some feedback on what parts you liked, and what parts you didn't.

BBB #2: Lecturing=Bloodletting, so why are we still doing it?

There's clearly some gravity towards a lecture-based classroom structure, even though we now know that this is not the best way for students to learn.  Here we discuss what the sources of that inertia might be.

More from Ben Ben and Blue

Some of the first few of these we recorded we really fun, but the sound quality where we were was really...well...bad.  We didn't want to kick off the full podcast with them, but we do want to share them with someone, so you can now find them as a reward for anyone who chooses to contribute on Patreon.

Some material brought up during this discussion

Studies from Carl Wieman on passive vs. active learning

See also this interview with Wieman about that study

David Pengelly on overcoming the lecture-textbook trap